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What is the NISCI CAVE Lab?

Today's complex supply chain networks generate vast amounts of data that can be challenging to analyze. Supply chain analytics and, in particular, interactive visualization are vital tools to turn big data into real insights and to facilitate better decision making. The NISCI Computational and Visual Education (CAVE) Laboratory, a twin lab of the MIT CAVE Lab at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and uses interactive visualization to improve data visibility, data analysis, and decision making for supply chain and logistics challenges. It provides researchers, decision-makers, and students with a more intuitive understanding of and access to quantitative methods to support strategic design, tactical planning, and operational decision problems in the supply chain and logistics domain.

Our Research & Expertise

We leverage the NISCI CAVE Lab for our cutting-edge research and industry projects in the domain of logistics and supply chain management.

Supply Chain Network Design

Development of multi-objective optimization models and advanced algorithms to improve the efficiency, responsiveness, and robustness/resilience of end-to-end supply chain networks.

Transport Optimization

Development of optimization algorithms and machine learning algorithms for freight loading optimization, transport mode selection, vehicle routing and scheduling.

Data Analysis and Optimization

Development of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence algorithms to obtain insights from large supply chain datasets. Design of custom visuals to enable big data exploration.

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NISCI CAVE Lab Features


Tailor-made to the research partner's specific business requirements instead of a "one size fits all" approach.


The NISCI CAVE Lab fosters collaborative decision-making for a wide range of logistics and supply chain planning problems.


Our tailor-made applications can be deployed on a secure cloud server that ensures accessibility from everywhere at any time.

Platform & device independence

No local installation required. Supply chain design and planning on any device (Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.).

Rapid development

Short development and implementation times. Possibility to increase software functionality over time.

Our Partners & Collaborators

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What we have achieved so far





Lab Demos

Explore a selection of our interactive web applications.

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Network Visualizer

Web application that transforms static spreadsheets into intuitive and interactive visuals.

Network Design

Design of an hinterland transportation network.

Transport Optimization

Optimization of an intermodal distribution network for automobiles.

Warehouse Operations Planning

Scheduling of trucks at warehouses.

Loading Optimization

Container loading optimization for less-than-container load exporters.

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Our Team


Dr. Pascal Wolff


Sichen Yang, M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Dr. Tianlun Yang

Research Assistant

MIT CAVE Lab Research Partners

Dr. Matthias Winkenbach

Tim Russell

Connor Makowski

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